We love to explore California and the Pacific Northwest to find vintage and industrial items that others will have an appreciation for. We specialize in rustic, vintage garage type items that we know can accent a backyard, kitchen or home interior. We have a brick and mortar in the quaint city of Boise, Idaho. We love to work with people in finding the unique item they are looking for so feel free to reach out.



We are all about utilizing old architecture. It can be old barn doors, windows, ceiling tile, and a whole lot more. These items can add that perfect old vintage rustic feel to your home or business. We love sourcing for our clients.


Savory n sweet, inc.

Savory n Sweet, Inc. is our sweets provider and also an established caterer. You can find their delicious sweets every morning, everyday in our shop! We also have fresh brewed coffee everyday from Salvage Coffee Co.

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